Construction on our largest habitat project to-date is underway. This leading-edge, 5-acre space will be hometo a multi-generational herd of Asian elephants by the end of 2024.

More Home to Roam
Elephant Trek will give our elephants five times more room to roam!
More Elephants!
Elephant Trek will eventually be home to a multigenerational herd.
More Animals
Visitors will see siamangs and clawed otters in Elephant Trek
More Opportunities to See Elephants
Multiple viewing areas will give visitors more opportunities to see elephants and get close enough to care.
More Choices
Elephants will have opportunities to swim, play, and interact with enrichment 24/7.


Elephant Trek will be a spectacular 5-acre landscape of habitat and gardens with engaging features for animals and humans alike. It will support a multi-generational Asian elephant herd, and will put our Zoo on the leading edge of elephant care, research, and management:


  • Next Gen Elephant Management & Facilities
  • World-class Breeding Program
  • Enriching Indoor & Outdoor Herd Environments
  • Naturalistic, Park-like Habitat
  • Optimal Visitor Experiences
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design

As more people live in urban areas away from wildlife, zoos have an important role to play as social settings that combine family fun with science learning. The Cincinnati Zoo is a regional leader in family fun!

Bigger and Better!

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